The Best Work Bags for 2019: Go from Office Slob to Office Queen

What if we told you that we have the perfect solution to help keep you organised in an ultimate high fashion way? Well we can! At Devils Feather we prioritise style and organisation and have designed our full range of Work Bags to be fit for a professional queen.

'So why are these Work Bags so life changing?' I hear you ask. Well lets answer that question by taking a look at all of our handbag pet peeves and see exactly how we overcome them.

Issue: Laptop Pokes out of Bag

Having a work bag that doesn't actually accommodate the right space for your laptop is super frustrating, especially when you are travelling around for meetings or commuting.

Solution: A Specific Laptop Compartment

Ranging from our Audrey, Zaha to Valentina Collection, we have designed a laptop specific space, fit for up to a 14 inch laptop! So this means you can tuck your Laptop neatly into your Bag, without worrying about any bumps or scrapes.

Issue: It is either Style or Functionality

We cant help but wonder why all functional work or travel related accessories are designed and catered for men and why all stylish bags sacrifice organised space? Whether it's chunky briefcases or quick fashion fixes there just isn't anything out there that offers both.

Solution: Elegant in Style and Organised in Space

Forget manly, chunky and disorganised laptop/work bags and say hello to our ultimate Work Bag collections that offer a timeless style (perfect for your professional wardrobe), whilst boasting an organised interior for you business essentials! Hallelujah, we really can have style and functionality!

Issue: Lack of Space

Not having enough room or the right compartments to carry your notepad and daily essential and instead having to carry it separately actually defies the point of having a Work Bag!

Solution: Compartments

You really can achieve business in the front and party in the back! With our Zaha and Valentina range offering 3 compartments, so you can carry your office in your Laptop Bag.

Issue: The Breeding Junk at the Bottom of your Bag

Crumbs, hair bands and a two week old yoghurt spoon (yuck) at the bottom of your bag, but not a pen in site! You're sure you put some in there last night- is there a black hole at the bottom of this bag that just loves to suck up your pens?

Solution: Various open and zipped pockets

If you love the idea of having an ultra OCD handbag, with specific pockets for your daily needs then our Valentina Collection is for you! Wait for it... we have pen holders, zip compartments, card holders and even a padded pocket to protect your kindle/tablet or smart phone!

Issue: Overuse

So you've bought a 'make do' work bag to take into work with you everyday. A cheap and cheerful solution thats trendy (for now) but doesn't quite squeeze everything in. After a couple of months of slumping it over your shoulder, train journeys and tucking it under your desk it looks worn and tatty- not quite the professional chic look you should be going for.

Solution: Premium Quality

All of our collections are handmade from our premium leather and quality checked before leaving the Devil Feathers doors! We cherish our bags and they see us through ever single working day, so it is baffling for us to not invest in a high-end, professional bag to support and empower our Office Queen persona.

So if you are reading this and can definitely identify with at least two of these issues, then it is time to hang up your old Handbag and exchange it for the perfect Work/Laptop Bag that will have you fit and ready to take on your day in style!

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you can even be naughty and browse our Totes, Shoulder & Evening Bags (because at Devils Feather, we know there is more to life than work!)

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