We all know that feeling when you finally click ‘proceed to checkout’ and that basket you’ve been debating about for the past 2 hours, is getting closer and closer to your wardrobe reality. The thrill. The suspense. The excitement. The guilt. Wait… guilt? We thought shopping for ourselves was supposed to be a pleasurable experience, not a guilty one!

So if every-time you click 'checkout' you feel as though you have made a deal with the devil and given into your needless desire, then read on. Because let me tell you one thing- this is totally not healthy and you deserve to treat yourself for all of those hours slaving to make a living!

Shopping as an act of Self Indulgence...

Unfortunately, many people have a negative view on spending money on themselves and see it as a selfish act of self indulgence. Now self indulgence has many negative connotations, being associated with narcissistic, greedy, selfish and thoughtless behaviour. So does that mean EVERYTIME we go on a spending spree that we are being totally self indulgent and selfish? Of course not! And this is where I introduce the idea of 'self nurture'.

Shopping as an act of Self Nurture!

''Yes thank you!'' I hear you scream. ''Finally shopping without guilt.'' Living in a world filled with constant daily stresses, from that long (usually delayed) commute, to being up half the night working on a presentation; it is no wonder why we get so bogged down on any negative impacts in our life and want to simply take the pain away by purchasing a very innocent, yet desirable, new fashion item. After all, we have had a very hard week at work and deserve some very fashionble love!

But let's look at this from a psychological perspective, because if a psychologist supports shopping- then we will definitely go with that! It has been said that the act of self love and self nurturing, can improve our mental health by lowering daily sadness, depression, loneliness and anxiety. So does this mean shopping is the best medicine? Well it isn't as simple as that, but nurturing ourselves and acting upon what truly makes us happy every once in a while, could really make all the difference and make those daily struggles a bit more worth it.

So next time you your boss says a patronising comment or you spill coffee on your fresh white shirt first thing in the morning, take a deep breath and remember your worth. The world is strict enough with rules and obligations, so next time you are about to hit 'checkout' don't hesitate because of guilt, reward and love yourself as an act of self-nurture.

I mean honestly, if shopping makes us feel so good on the inside, then how could anyone possible tell us it's wrong?

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