How My Day with a Statement Red Handbag Gave Me Extra Confidence

I want to inspire you on how you can add a simple POP of Red to your wardrobe to instantly give you a boost of confidence.

When you think of the colour Red, what springs to your mind? Passion, fire, energy, seduction, anger, danger! Yes, Red is a very exciting colour with various powerful associations to it, but do we associate it with confidence? Well now we can. It has been confirmed that Red in fact can make us feel more confident!

‘In a study published in 2017, researchers from Germany had 180 university students wear either red or blue. Participants were told to sit in front of a mirror and observe their own reflections before completing a survey.

Students who wore red subsequently rated themselves higher in attractiveness and sexual appeal than students who wore blue did.’

So I put this to a Handbag Test!

Personally, I am a girl who never shies away from wearing a bit of colour, from dark rich emerald, to sunshine yellow, to floral pastels, but I have to admit I have never owned a bright, colourful Handbag. Instead I often purchased ‘safe’ neutral colours that I believed would go with everything. But after taking our Amelia Shoulder Bag in Crimson out for a spin- I would never look back!

The Look:

I decided to let the bag do all the talking and simply teamed it up with a classic monochrome look. Black skinny jeans, a striped crop top, over-sized blazer, baker boy cap and a final pop of Red lipstick.

Dressing chic in a neutral monochrome look is a great tip for those who don’t want to go ‘all out daring red!'

Out and About:

So I was in Amsterdam at the time and when walking around the canal city, the statement Red Handbag made me instantly feel more self-assured, powerful and totally chic! There was a real spring in my step and I felt like a European Princess, like I could have just walked off a high-fashion runway in Paris, Milan or London. Coming out of my comfort zone and really being out there with this statement accessory piece did wonders for my confidence and made me realise that the best way to boost my self confidence was by challenging myself and taking a chance- and it actually paid off!

Is Red too extra-ordinary?

My answer to this is yes, but in the best way possible! At first I was skeptical and thought only daringly stylish women would dare to accessorise with such a statement Red, but boy was I wrong. Since putting Red to the test, my Amelia Shoulder Bag in Crimson has been my ultimate go-to. On a gloomy day when I am in a slump and lacking confidence, I can always rely on my trusty Crimson companion to give me a much needed pep and add a chic edge to my look, resulting in extra self confidence and motivation to tackle my day ahead. It really is true what they say, when you look the part, you truly do feel it!

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