Updated: Feb 20, 2019

As you brush your teeth your eyes flit from bathroom mirror, to makeup bag (empty: contents spilled out over the bathroom counter), back to the mirror. You consider that today, a slap-dash layer of bb cream and a lick of mascara might not cut it, it could be worth investing some extra time in some strategically placed under-eye concealer. You start to regret that naughty-but-nice half an hour lie in and contemplate the cruel irony that extra time in bed doesn’t necessarily translate to a well-rested complexion.

Dry shampoo works wonders but will never replace the feeling of squeaky-clean hair, after a liberal spritz, your hair doesn’t look greasy to the unsuspecting eye, but the ends are looking a little ragged. You choose to mould your lacklustre locks into a low bun- partly because it rectifies the situation, but mostly because it’s about all you have time for.

You wistfully think back to college where each day’s outfit was meticulously curated the evening prior as you rummage furiously through your ‘floordrobe’ for something relatively clean and throw a blazer on over the top- hoping that it makes you look like you’ve made the effort.

Your trusty companion awaits by the door: your handbag. When you pick it up, the morning stress melts away. It’s understated; trend-transcending; timeless. A stylish vessel concealing your hectic life. Like any true friend, it compliments you but doesn’t outshine you. It’s seen you through good and bad times: clutched nervously behind folded arms before a job interview, swung care-free walking tipsily home from a first date. It makes you look and feel like you could be a put-together woman. Heck, you are a put-together woman.

A quick time-check, there’s no time left- there was none left five minutes ago… Still, you never forgot the full-length mirror check on your way out. Wielding your bag, the outfit suddenly looks effortless, the low bun looks chic. Together with your handbag, you now feel ready to take on the day. It’s true what they say, a good friend knows all your best stories, a best friend has lived them with you.

Written by Jessica Green

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