Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Don't restrict fashion to become a weekend treat. Follow these easy 15 tips to become the fashion envy of your office.

Whether you like it or not, fashion plays a massive role in how we look and feel throughout our day and whilst at work, our professional image is our armour- it is the uniform we wear to prepare us mentally and physically for our workday ahead. So why are so many people ignorant to their 9-5 style?

Whether it's simply being clueless, unbothered or too busy, I am here to help with easy to follow tips in helping you effortlessly become the style icon in your office!

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1. KNOW YOUR INDIVIDUAL STYLE: Like Victoria Beckham, she knows her look and she sticks with it. Whatever your signature look is, try to incorporate it into your workwear fashion. If you love skinny jeans opt for a skinny trouser- that way it still feels like you. It is important to remain true to yourself and express your individuality.

2. KEEP IT NATURAL: The expression ‘less is more’ could never be more relevant when it comes to your makeup for work. Whether running for the train or stuck in an unventilated meeting room for hours, the last thing you want is that blotchy/sweaty makeup look. Try and stay as minimalistic as possible, using a BB Cream, loose powder and secure with a setting spray.

3. KNOW YOUR INDUSTRY: Be aware and respectful of your workplace and understand your industries workwear ethics. Some places are blessed to have a casual style, where you can happily wear your pump trainers, but others may be strictly professional. I would recommend to overdress at first until you know what is acceptable.

4. INVEST IN A CARRY-ALL HANDBAG: We’ve all seen it, maybe even been it- that woman struggling to carry everything into the office, slumped over with their dysfunctional handbag and a couple of supermarket bags for life. OPINION ALERT: This is not a ‘style icon’ look. It is vital that you invest in a handbag that offers supreme style with efficient storage- this way you can effortlessly stroll into work with your statement handbag that carries your daily essentials. Browse our Business Bags to Find that Perfect Bag.

5. HIGH WAIST ALWAYS: This is my absolute go to. Whether you’re bloated from last nights (cheat night) pizza, gained a few unwanted pounds or just don't know what to wear, I’d always advise for a high waisted pair of trousers. There are so many styles to choose from, from cigarette, to skinny, to disco flares- all look effortlessly fab and nip you in at the waist, whilst subtly holding in that pizza bulge.

6. EASY HAIR: The same rule of your make-up applies to your ‘do’. Whether you opt for sleek, wavy, loose curls or an up-do, I’d advise that you keep the style simple, manageable and easy to style first thing in the morning- the last thing you want is to curl half your hair, only to realise you have 20 minutes to get to work!

7. NEUTRAL NUDE: If you don’t have a shoe wardrobe the size of Sarah Jessica Parkers in Sex in the City, then don't fret- treat yourself to a pair of nude heels (or pumps for those who refuse to wear heels) and pair this versatile shoe with any workday outfit. The nude colour blends elegantly into your leg offering the extra benefit of sleek, sexy longer looking legs! QUICK TIP: Choose a patent style over matt, for extra sophistication.

8. GET THE GLOW: With a busy schedule, it is difficult to find time to focus on our well-being. So here are some simple tips to incorporate into your workday to improve your health. 1) Invest in a water bottle to stay hydrated 2) Start your day with a nutritious morning smoothie 3) Choose salad for lunch 4) Go for an after work stress-release walk/run. These tips will help you feel good on the inside, which will shine and reflect on the outside- giving you that extra vibrance, happiness and GLOW!

9. THE PERFECT BLAZER: The days of wearing unflattering and unshapely blazers need to stay in your school uniform pasts. When it comes to getting that corporate look, a well-tailored jacket is a priority and has the ability to transform any workday outfit from casual to professional. Whatever you team it up with, the perfect blazer should sculpt your shoulders, not drown at your waist and fall just to your hip bone. I can honestly guarantee you’ll feel like a new woman once you have mastered the perfect blazer.

10. HARD AS NAILS: You look down at your co-workers or clients hands whilst in a meeting to see a freshly manicured set of nails. You then look at your own, to see bitten and chipped nails and decide to hide them for the rest of the meeting to avoid the embarrassment of that disappointed look. Avoid this situation and treat yourself once a week to a home manicure. Not only will this complete your professional look, but it is also a great excuse for ‘me time’. QUICK TIP: If it's summer and you're wearing open toed shoes- please don't forget the piggy's!

11. WHITE COLLAR: Every woman's wardrobe needs a crisp, sleek white shirt hanging neatly beside their high waisted trouser. To avoid looking frumpy, buy a good quality shirt for ease of ironing and one that tailors at your waist to boast your womanly curves. Diversify your shirt style and pair with trousers, skirts and even under dresses for various looks.

12. LOVE YOUR LAYERS: You enter the office at 9am and it feels like the Antarctic. By noon someone has jacked the aircon so high it feels like you have whizzed over to the Bahamas. These classic office aircon battles often leave you in a constant cycle of transitioning from hot to cold. If this sounds relatable, try a layered look so that you can wrap up and peel off the layers as you wish. QUICK TIP: Leave a shawl or cardi draped over your office chair for emergency coldness!

13. COLOUR IS THE NEW BLACK: Be a true fashionista and spice up your wardrobe! Although the ‘all black look’ can appear polished and chic, wearing it everyday doesn't give you the opportunity to express your personality. If wearing colour simply scares you, or you just prefer dark colours for an authoritative look, I’d start by introducing subtle colours into your wardrobe. Try Navy, Berry Red, Emerald Green and Khaki as they’re fairly dark, but will give you more personality and edge.

14. STUDY HARD: We all need inspiration and if you're struggling to find your iconic workday look- don’t panic! Flick on an empowering female film or tv show that you love and take note of your favourite characters and their style. It sounds juvenile but it really works- after witnessing Anne Hathaway's makeover in The Devil Wears Prada, I had a new wave of style ideas and was determined to reinvent my office wardrobe.

15. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: My mother swears by the saying ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’ and as per usual, she's right! Opting for a more expensive but quality option is what I call 'investment shopping’. It may sound way too mature, but I can assure you that you will look and feel more luxurious, stylish and professional in your investment item that will be sure to last you a lifetime.

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